Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A "short" one.....

As many of you know I’ve been married for thirty one years.

In a row.

I’ve had many conversations with my wife over the past thirty one years and there is no way a man’s brain could store all that information coming out of her mouth.

My head would have exploded a long time ago.

That’s why when my wife starts to talk to me about stuff I could care less about my mind tends to drift.

I’m pretty good at the “look”. You know that glassy eyed stare that makes it look like you’re paying attention but all you actually hear is Waa waa waa waa waa.

The problem is sometimes something pops into my head while she’s talking to me and I can’t get it to leave.

“So I’m going to work out with Christine tonight and waa waa waa waa waa…..”
(Way out west….way out west.)

“We’ll probably have dinner at waa waa waa waa waa……”
(There’s story told… there’s a story told.)

“Then when I get home tonight I need you to waa waa waa waa waa…….”
(Bout a bunch of cowboys, tiny and bold… tiny and bold.)

“Don’t forget I need you to waa waa waa waa waa…..”
(Riding tall…. riding tall.)

“So when my sister calls we need to waa waa waa waa waa….”
(Tall in the saddle, herding cows the size of schnauzers but they’re cattle.)

“Are you listening to me? Waa waa waa waa waa…..”
(Yipee aye yay mini sirloin burgers, yipee aye yo mini sirloin burgers, yipee aye yay mini sirloin burgeeeeeeeeers…EEEyahhhhhh!!!!!)

“I said are you listening?”

“Yeah I got it babe. Hey…. You hungry?”

For those of you outside of California that may not have heard the Jack in the Box Mini Sirloin Burgers commercial you can see it at You Tube. It’s my favorite commercial of the year and it’s been stuck in my head all damn day. Here’s the link: