Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It's been too long.

In addition to being a comedian I actually have a day job. Some of you know this already but most of you don't.

During the day.... Boy you are going to find this hard to believe...

I am the president of a bank.

I don't talk about that on stage or in my blog because I try very hard to keep those two worlds separate.

I can honestly say that I am the only professional comedian/bank president on the planet.

Not only do I run a bank during the day but in November I filled in as co host of a radio show called "The Big Biz Show". I am now a regular on air personality on the show where I am known as "Tony The Banker", very original I know. Blame Sully.

The hosts of the show are Sully & Russ 'T' Nailz,

two San Diego Radio personalities who are heard Weekdays on the Business Talk Radio Network! From current business events to internet-related issues to the movers and shakers in the business world-along with the occasional drink recipe. If it relates to the business, Russ and Sully are talking about it on the air. With their topical, laid back, and comic commentary of goings on in the business world, Sully and Russ 'T' aren't only thinking outside the box-they didn't even know there was a box!

(Yes I copied that right off the website, www.thebigbizshow.com)

The show is on in 125 markets around the country. Visit the website to see if we are on in your area. You can also click "personalities" at the top of the site to see who else is on the show.

I promise to get back to regular posting in the next couple of days.

See ya!

Tony "the banker" Calabrese