Friday, March 30, 2007

She's a Lady Whoa Whoa Whoa She's a Lady

Okay so file this under you can't make this stuff up.

I wish this would have happened before I posted my last post because it's perfect for it.

I came off of the stage last night and went outside the club followed by two drunk hookers, or college girls, it's hard to tell sometimes.

Maybe it was the glitter all over their bodies or the six inch clear plastic hooker shoes.

Welcome to Spring Break 2007 in San Diego.

Anyway they come up to me and one of them grabs my arm and says, "For an old guy you're F&*#*!g funny."

"Gee thanks."

Her friend falls against me and as she's trying to steady herself says, "I just puked."

"Thanks for sharing."

The other one says, "OUT HERE???"

And the one hanging all over me says, and I quote, "No bitch, in the toilet like a F&*#$^g lady."



What else can you say?