Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Is there really any difference between a South Dakota bird watcher and a Chargers fan?

Sometimes it takes one little thing to get the brain juices flowing again.

I overheard the following conversation between two tellers at the bank today.

“Go out with him he’s cute. He has a job and everything.”

“He’s an FBI agent and he’s white.”

“You only date black guys?”

“No but I’m Latin and I think Latin guys are more exciting.”

“But he’s in the FBI, he has a gun, he’s probably really exciting.”

“What if he’s from South Dakota and only wants to talk about birds?”

“Guys from South Dakota talk about birds?”

“Yes they’re very boring.”

“But birds?”

“White guys talk about stupid stuff like birds and plants and fish.”

“They do?”

“Yes, that why I like a guy with you know… dreadlocks or something… It says something about them.”

“Yeah, like he has a prison record or something.”

“Okay I’ll give the FBI guy a chance.”

So listening to these two young women I started to think… is this how women really talk? Is this how the life shaping decisions in their lives are formulated.

And it dawned on me.

It really is.

Women really do think differently than men.

If two guy tellers had had that same conversation it would have been over in ten seconds.

“You going out with that FBI chick? Man she had a great rack.”

“Hell yeah I’m going out with her. Not only does she have a great rack she has a gun.”

Now some of you are thinking. Come on Tony, these were young women and young women think differently than older women. Older women would use a lot more common sense.

Um… Noooooooo…….

(EDITORS NOTE: Tony's wife got pissed off and the entire middle of this blog post had to be deleted.)

In the grand scheme of life the reality is the “game” is played every day. It doesn’t matter if you’re a white FBI agent from South Dakota who’s only interested in birds or an overweight middle aged married Italian man who just wants to watch the Chargers play the Steelers.

For a man, you win some, you lose most.

But the game gets played over and over and over again.

Men, women, we will always be on separate teams.

Bottom line….

Can you fix the score so that in the end you at least get “some”?