Friday, July 01, 2005

Two Quickies!!!

I was listening to XM radio this morning and I heard something disturbing. XM radio, which claims to be radio without all the annoying commercials, has in fact the worst product commercials of all time.

Case in point, "The Bad Breath Bible." I'm not making that up. They actually advertise on the radio, "The Bad Breath Bible." I can't even believe I'm using those four words in a sentence.

Who's joining this religion? Are there that many bad breath fans? What is Sunday service like in that church?

A reading from a letter from St. Paul to the Halitosians,

"And the lord said cast out thy brush and floss and drinketh coffee and smoke cigarettes and eat garlic and stinky cheese."


I had to put myself on a time out last night. I said the word "Bull****!" in front of my grandson.

So my wife made me go sit on the time out step. We didn't have a time out step when I was a kid... my mom had a rolling pin.

My grandson didn't quite understand why "poppa" had to go sit on the step. He wanted to go sit with poppa.

My wife told him how poppa said a bad word and poppa needed to sit by himself on the time out step.

This sweet little two and half year old then looks straight up at his gramma and says, "that's Bull****."

So my grandson and I are sitting on the step......

I could hear my wife in the kitchen rattling around the drawers looking for a rolling pin.